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Running ANSYS Desktop GUI

The ANSYS desktop gui can be run on the management node, but long simulations should be executed on the compute nodes. To start ANSYS workbench GUI on HPC or Copper Server

module load ansys

To start FLUENT GUI, you can use : fluent instead of : runwb2 above

Submitting batch jobs through Moab

To avoid overloading the management node, ANSYS Fluent should be used in batch mode and jobs should be submitted to the compute nodes through torque.


  1. Create a job script for using 4 processors (cores) - put the following in a file called
    PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=4
    #PBS -j oe
    #PBS -N Fluent_test
    #PBS -S /bin/bash
    #PBS -l walltime=02:00:00

    module load ansys
    fluent ### OPTIONS? INPUT FILES?
  2. Submit to Moab
  3. Check status with showq or qstat.