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To use ANSYS on HPC, you can either start a GUI session on a compute node or submit batch jobs to the compute nodes. Follow the instructions below or refer to Running_Jobs_on_HPC.

Running ANSYS GUI on a compute node

You can start ANSYS GUI on a compute node by creating an interactive job with Slurm.

  1. Start an interactive job on a compute node
    srun -N 1 -n 4 -t 01:00:00 --x11 --pty /bin/bash
    The above command will start an interactive job on 1 node 4 processors in the normal partition for 2 hours. (refer to the following sample script for more details of the options)
  2. Load the ANSYS module
    module load ANSYS
  3. Start the ANSYS workbench or FLUENT
    runwb2 or fluent

Submitting batch jobs through Slurm

ANSYS Fluent can also be used in batch mode and jobs can be submitted to the compute nodes through Slurm.


  1. Create a job script for using 4 processors (cores) - put the following in a file called
    #SBATCH -J JOB_NAME #Name of the computation
    #SBATCH -N 1 # Total number of nodes requested
    #SBATCH -n 4 # Total number of tasks per node requested
    #SBATCH -t 01:00:00 # Total run time requested - 1 hour
    #SBATCH -p normal # compute nodes partition requested

    module load ANSYS
    fluent ### OPTIONS? INPUT FILES?
  2. Submit to Moab
  3. Check status with squeue command

Running ANSYS Desktop GUI on copper

To start ANSYS workbench GUI on Copper Server

module load ANSYS

To start FLUENT GUI, you can use : fluent instead of : runwb2 above