Getting started

From Montana Tech High Performance Computing

The HPC cluster's operating system is CentOS 7.7. Remote access is through ssh.

After you log into for the first time, please change your initial password. This is done using the passwd command - you will be prompted for your old password and then your new password.

When you connect to, you will be logged into the "head" node, aka the "management" or "login" node. You can compile and test programs, submit jobs, and view results on the head node. Computationally intensive work should be done on the "compute" nodes. Jobs are assigned to the compute nodes through the Moab job scheduler. You request a portion of a compute node, an entire node, or multiple nodes for distributed programs.

Check this wiki for software that is currently installed. You can compile and install software into your home directory or request software be installed for system wide use. If your data and software needs exceed 1 GB, then please let us know so a personal directory can be setup on the main Storage system - /data or /data1. Note: for users account created after August 2017 (except temporary accounts for classes), your home directory will be directly created on /data or /data1. So no need to request storage space.

Below are the detailed instructions regarding to the aforementioned information.

Connecting to HPC

Detailed instructions on connecting to HPC, transferring files, changing your password.

Basic Linux Commands

Examples of commonly used Linux commands.

Running Jobs on HPC

Basic instructions on running calculations on HPC interactively or via job submission. You can also check more details on the Slurm page.