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  • Jetstream REU Summer 2018
We are recruiting undergraduate students (U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents only) to do research at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) during the summer of 2018 as a part of the NSF-funded Jetstream project. The goal of Jetstream is to increase access to cloud computing resources to researchers in the long-tail-of-science (including social science and humanities research). Students will work with Indiana University researchers and staff to do mentored research projects about Jetstream. Potential research topics include efficient utilization of Jetstream for data analytics tasks, minimizing energy consumption via dynamic load balancing, and best practices with big data analytics using Jetstream. Students will receive a generous stipend as well as living expenses for the duration of the experience. Interested students should contact for more details and application instructions.
   Basic application materials are due January 31, 2018 and are as follows:
   1) University transcripts. At the time of application, the student must provide an unofficial or official transcript from the college/university that the student is currently attending (an official transcript will be required once a participation offer has been accepted).
   2) Two recommendation letters. Letters may be from faculty members, IT professionals, or employers who can evaluate the student’s potential success, taking into consideration the student’s accomplishments, intellectual prowess, independent work habits, capacity for critical and analytical thinking, and ability to organize and express ideas clearly.
   3) Personal statement. The required personal statement (2 pages maximum) will include responses to the following:
        • Why do I want to participate in the Jetstream REU program (what do I hope to gain from this summer research experience)?
        • What are my short- and long-term career goals?
        • What are my academic plans (master's, doctorate, and/or or another graduate or professional degree)?
        • What are my personal qualities, research, and/or technical skills that are applicable for this research experience? In particular, comment on experience with scripting or programming languages (Python, Matlab, etc.) and command line experience (Unix/Linux).