From Montana Tech High Performance Computing

Mothur is an opensource, expandable bioinformatics software for the microbial ecology community.

There are two installations of mothur, both are of version 1.39.5. One is the MPI-enabled version and another is a non-MPI version. If you just need to use a single compute node, you will want to use the non-MPI version; for multi-node parallelization (more than 32 processes), you will want to use the MPI version. Using the MPI version for a single node multi-threading parallelization will result in slower performance [1].

To use mothur, you can use the module command:

For non-MPI version

   module load mothur/1.39.5

For MPI version, you also need to load openmpi:

   module load mothur/1.39.5_mpi openmpi/gnu/2.0.2

Then you can start Mothur typing:


You can either run mothur interactively on compute nodes or submit the calculation to the compute nodes.