Scyld Clusterware - User info

From Montana Tech High Performance Computing

Scyld ClusterWare information and commands available to general users will be added here.

ClusterWare user level commands


Provides state, status, and statistics for scheduling, monitoring, and diagnostics. See man pages for more info. To check processes running on all nodes:

ps aux | bpstat -P

On specific nodes:

ps aux | bpstat -P n1,n2

For a specific user:

ps aux | bpstat -P |grep username

For all process on management node, just use 'ps aux'


Shows the status of the CPUs on the cluster. If not logged in with NX or running an X server, use:

beostatus -c


Parallel shell access to one or more compute nodes. Some examples of how you might use it:

bpsh n0-n10 w
bpsh n0-n21 mkdir /scratch/username
bpsh n0,n3-n6 ls /scratch