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Below are some research projects that has utilized our HPC. Contact us if you want your projects list here.

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Grizzly Bear Population Modeling

Dr. Jeff Stetz is a research ecologist who specializes in the development and application of advanced population monitoring tools to both answer general ecological questions and to inform conservation and management of large mammals. His recent work uses detection data of grizzly and American black bears in the Glacier National Park region in conjunction with spatially-explicit capture-recapture (SECR) statistical methods to help explain the variation in seasonal density patterns of these sympatric (overlapping in space) species. Beyond the traditional factors considered to explain animal density, such as land cover and elevation, Dr. Stetz explicitly modeled the effects of the fine-scale density patterns of each species on the other...

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Montana Bat and White‐Nose Syndrome

Associated with the HPC are two 3D data visualization systems with a variety of visualization software packages. Both 3D visualization systems are equipped with either 108" stereo projection wall or 70" 3D TV, shutter glasses, and a tracking system to enable researcher to directly interact with the 3D imagery.